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Day 1: Sunday, 17th September 2023

15h00 to 19h00Registration and networking

Day 2: Monday, 18th September 2023

07h00 to 08h30Registration
08h30 to 08h45Delegate seating
08h45 to 09h00Welcome by Programme Directors
Amanda Khoza and Wayne Hiller van Rensburg
09h00 to 09h20Opening and Keynote
IRFA President: Geraldine Fowler
09h20 to 09h25Transition
09h25 to 10h25“What is Your Contribution in Making it Happen?”
Geraldine Fowler, Astrid Ludin, Thomas Mketelwa and Nancy Andrews
10h25 to 11h00Break
11h00 to 11h30“Is Our Dollar-Centric World Facing Serious Dislocation?”
Michael Power – Ninety One
11h30 to 11h35 Transition
11h35 to 11h45Oguche Agudah [Nigeria] – International Perspective
11h45 to 11h50Transition
11h50 to 12h20“Individualisation and The Two-Pot System, Supported by Tech and Data Protocols”
Butsi Tladi & Viresh Maharaj – Alexforbes
12h20 to 12h25Transition
12h25 to 12h50“Pulling all the strings together: Balancing the needs of portfolios as we navigate a changing landscape.”
Mike Adsetts – Momentum
12h50 to 13h45Lunch
13h55 to 14h55Masterclasses 1 to 3
PlenaryMasterclass 1 – Using hedge funds to outperform the market and mitigate downside risk (Facilitator: Cheryl Ward)
André Steyn, Zintle Twala, Sibo Khumalo & James Corkin – Steyn Capital
Break Away 1Masterclass 2 – The Benefits and Risks of Infrastructure Investing for Pension Funds (Facilitator: Mkuseli Mbomvu)
Angelique Kalam & Jason Lightfoot – Future Growth
Break Away 2Masterclass 3 – The Two-Pot Pension System | Turning Insights into Foresights (Facilitator: Enos Ngutshane)
Danie van Zyl, Lorraine Mekwa, Tinotenda Mtemeri, Solly Tsie & Langa Madonko – Sanlam
14h55 to 15h05Transition
15h05 to 16h05Masterclasses 4 to 6
PlenaryMasterclass 4 – Reimagining Retirement Success: Embracing the promise of Income Funds in an environment of high interest rates and inflation (Facilitator: Mandla Nkosi)
Henk Kotze & Jabulani Ngobese – Prescient
Break Away 1Masterclass 5 – The Global Footprint of the SA Asset Management Industry (Facilitator: Enos Ngutshane)
Sne Dlamini – Old Mutual Investment
Break Away 2Masterclass 6 – A Fixed-Income Toolkit for Retirement Fund Investors (Facilitator: Wayne Hiller van Rensburg)
Roshen Harry & Naleni Govender – M&G
16h05 to 16h15Transition
16h15 to 17h00Office of the Pension Funds Adjudicator
Muvhango Lukhaimane (Pension Funds Adjudicator) and Naheem Essop (Deputy Pension Funds Adjudicator)
17h00 to 20h00Networking Cocktail Function Brought to You by Fedgroup

Day 3: Tuesday, 19th September 2023

07h00 to 08h45Registration
08h45 to 08h50Delegate seating
08H50 to 08H55Opening and Welcome
08h55 to 09h10Keynote – Australian and Global Perspective
Nicholas Sherry
09h10 to 09h15 Transition
09h15 to 10h15Risks Facing Retirement Funds: Mitigation, Governance, and Regulatory Perspectives
Geraldine Fowler, Enos Ngutshane, Zareena Camroodien and Graham Croock
10h15 to 10h35 ESG And Its Transformational Role
Musa Mabesa – GEPF
10h35 to 10h40Transition
10h40 to 11h00Impact of Two Pot Retirement system on your retirement savings
Subedra Reddy – NBC
11h00 to 11h05Transition
11h05 to 11h25Understanding the Value of Sustainable Investment
Ashely Daswa & Teboho Makhabane – Sanlam
11h25 to 11h30Transition
11h30 to 12h30Masterclass 7 to 9
PlenaryMasterclass 7 – Making It Happen – Transformation in the Retirement Industry (Facilitator: Amanda Khoza)
Ann Leepile (Alexforbes) / Phelisa Ngonyama (Ninety One) / Mmabato Seeiso (Moderator / Trustee) / Amanda Khoza (IRFA / Trustee) / Sipho Sidu (SALA Pension Fund)
Break Away 1Masterclass 8 Part 1 – Two Pot – Why the Retirement Fund industry is going Potty! (Facilitator: Geraldine Fowler)
Michelle Acton – Old Mutual Corporate
Masterclass 8 Part 2 – OnTrack TM: Is your Fund? Are your members? (Facilitator: Geraldine Fowler)
Martin Poole – Old Mutual Corporate
Break Away 2Masterclass 9 – Best of both worlds: A basic and low-risk approach to incorporating infrastructure and yield into your investment strategy without compromising liquidity (Facilitator: Wayne Hiller van Rensburg)
Kasief Isaacs and Mohamed Ismail – Mergence
12h35 to 13h15FSCA Engagement
Astrid Ludin – Deputy Commissioner FSCA
13h15 to 13h20Conference Closing Messaging
Geraldine Fowler – IRFA President
13h20 to 14h00Lunch
14h00 to 16h00IRFA Workshop: What is an effective Trustee Meeting? – Dana Muir (Governance), Geraldine Fowler (Operations/Administration), Nancy Andrews (Governance/Legal) and Cheryl Ward (Financial/Investment)
Join us for an engaging workshop where we will explore the key elements of an effective trustee meeting. Our expert speakers will lead you through a mock trustee meeting that highlights common pitfalls. Learn from these scenarios and discover how to make improvements that lead to more productive and successful trustee meetings.