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Nancy Andrews

Nancy is the Head of Legal for DSY EB & Invest. She is responsible for the legal & compliance and tax have extremely good work relationship with SARS, FSCA&NT and she is actively involved with the regulators when it comes to aligning the law and pension and tax practices. She was twice the past President of the Pension Lawyers Association of South Africa. She a member of the IRFA Legal and Tax Committee and  the Chairperson of the Tax committee. She served as a trustee and the PO on a number of boards with her past employees.

She have been in the industry for more than 20yaers and she have served on the IRFA legal and tax committee almost 12years. She always volunteered to assist the IRFA when making representations to the Regulators and currently represent the IRFA on all consults with NT, SARS and the FSCA. She have long standing relationship with other industry bodies such as ASISA , BASETA and the PLA.