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The Amy Foundation is an NPO based in Cape Town, South Africa that is dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth through education, skills development, and cultural enrichment programmes. Founded in 1997, the foundation has been actively working towards breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering young individuals to reach their full potential. Through its various initiatives and partnerships, the Amy Foundation has become a beacon of hope for many disadvantaged township communities in South Africa.

Amy Foundation provides vulnerable youth with opportunities to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to overcome challenges and lead successful lives. By focusing on education, personal development, and cultural exposure, the foundation aims to foster holistic growth and instil a sense of purpose and self-worth in the young individuals it serves.

By investing in the potential of young individuals, the Amy Foundation and its partners are working towards building a more inclusive and prosperous South Africa for all.

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Kuhlerize is a developing nonprofit company that is passionate about Women and Youth development. We are obsessed about empowering others to grow & succeed.

We take pride in the development of young entrepreneurship; We encourage youth to start their businesses to reduce unemployment and to groom independent leaders of tomorrow. We empower women by creating platforms that provide opportunities to showcase their talent, market their work and succeed in their businesses. We work hard to provide business development and leadership skills training by hosting seminars in different arrears, to help community aspiring businesses get the correct information. We provide solutions.

We are working hard to reduce unemployment; we want to produce young successful business owners that are brave and knowledgeable to be able to create more job opportunities from their own businesses.

We want to see a change in people’s lives. We want more jobs to be created and more production factories and manufactures owned by South Africans and succeed beyond average.

We know how it’s like to not have and therefore we know how to work hard to have it all.
We are passionate, patient and driven for the change, we face challenges and overcome.
We treat our clients and members with respect and we value their support.

+27 78 826 2152

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa, founded in 1979, by a group of parents for parents to support children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder. We have since evolved into the leading childhood cancer non-profit in South Africa providing life-changing and all-embracing support programmes to both the child or teenager and their families, from diagnosis to remission or sadly end-of-life. CHOC augments the treatment provided at paediatric oncology units enabling treatment access and adherence for low-income beneficiaries over their seven month up to three year treatment journey. Through our Comprehensive Child and Family Programme we aim to increase the survival rate of children with cancer in South Africa to 60% by 2030 through: Psychosocial and Emotional Support, Patient Facing Support, Early Detection Saves Lives Programmes and Advocacy through strategic alliances and leadership roles. CHOC has 11 houses in South Africa providing free accommodation, nutritional support, transportation, Carebags, transportation and bereavement financial assistance as well as post treatment support for outpatient beneficiaries.

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