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Message from the IRFA President and Conference Committee

Enos Ngutshane Past IRFA President , Geraldine Fowler IRFA President, Wayne Hiller van Rensburg, IRFA Executive Director, Nancy Andrews IRFA Executive Board member and Amanda Khoza IRFA Vice President

Better together, join us in building a sustainable future in the African retirement sector

We look forward to welcoming you as a partner and delegate to the 2024 Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) Conference—a convergence of visionaries, strategists, and change-makers committed to shaping the future of retirement across the African continent.

Forging a Unified Path

In the heart of Cape town, over 1000 delegates will gather to ignite collaboration and amplify collective intelligence. Our mission? To enhance retirement outcomes, bolster economic prosperity, and elevate social well-being. The theme “Better Together” encapsulates our resolve—a testament to the power of synergy.

IRFA’s Guiding Light

As a beacon of excellence, IRFA continues to lead the charge. Advocacy, knowledge dissemination, and education define our purpose. With each conference, we build upon our legacy, weaving a tapestry of innovation and resilience. The 2024 conference is no exception—it will celebrate collaboration across all areas of the retirement sector, public and private, in South Africa and north of our borders, laying the groundwork for robust, sustainable retirement systems.

Charting the Course

Reflecting on the milestones of 2022 and 2023, our compass points toward integration. We explored private sector initiatives, entwining them with supportive regulatory frameworks. Together, we confront today’s challenges while anticipating tomorrow’s trends. Our agility ensures that the African retirement sector adapts, thrives, and serves its diverse stakeholders.

Let’s co-create a future where excellence knows no bounds. Sponsor, support and register now and be part of the evolution! 

Best Wishes
IRFA President and Conference Committee